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dust suppression solutions

Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression Solutions

I-CAT manufactures and supply total dust suppression solutions for primary and secondary haulage roads and develop systems for fugitive dust generated at transfer points, discharge points and crusher plants.

We offer innovative dust management and mitigation services and products to ultimately assist an organisations in minimising health and environmental impacts associated with dust emissions.

Our products are environmentally friendly certified, have been extensively tested and our solutions assist with water conservation.

Road management and dust control

I-CAT is an industry leader in providing haul road and dust control management solutions to the mining, agricultural and residential industry.

We have provided total haul road and dust control management for more than a decade across the African continent and in Australia.

We manufacture innovative, cost-effective and environmentally safer road dust suppression solutions.

Our effective road dust suppression solutions remove the need for constant grading and watering, thus reducing maintenance costs.


GreenBit™ is an emulsified bitumen-based product that was formulated for use on primary haulage roads due to its stabilising properties and sealing feature.


RDC20™ is an innovative formulation of blended emulsified co-polymers and ionic modifiers specifically developed for secondary haulage roads.

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TDS2000 is a uniquely formulated for I-CAT in order to effectively suppress harmful dust emissions on tailing dam liquid gel used for the suppression of dust on tailing dams and large open soil areas.
PERFECT POTHOLE PATCH (P3) is a cold mixed asphalt system with specific properties, which renders it particularly suitable for the filling of potholes and reinstatement of trenches. It is supplied in handy 25 kg bags, and has a shelf life in excess of six months.

Misting systems

I-CAT has developed custom-built highly effective dust suppression systems for conveyor belts, stockpiles and tipping areas.

We offer the market unique dust suppression systems for fugitive dust generated at transfer points, discharge points, crusher plants and mine wastewater areas.

Misting Systems
The misting systems offer an innovative way to reduce the number of fugitive dust particles by using highly dispersed water in the form of water mist.
I-VAP 500

The I-VAP 500 is a highly effective unit for wastewater evaporation. The powerful evaporation canon is designed to specifically evaporate wastewater and is capable of handling 500m3 per twelve-hour day.

For Stockpile dust suppression, I-CAT has developed a highly specialized system that is the R-SDR. The system creates a virtual curtain around material flow for effective particle containment. Engineered to industrial standards and specifications, the R-SDR surrounds the discharge flow on all sides, providing simple, focused dust management solution.
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