James van Reeneen

James van Reeneen

As founder and managing director, James van Reenen sets the strategy and oversees all operations for the company.

Under the helm of his leadership, I-CAT has grown to become recognised as a leading environmental solutions company that assists industrial clients in various aspects of environmental compliance and sustainability.

James’ entrepreneurial skills date back to 1985, when he began his first venture.

Following a decade of success with other businesses, he founded another successful company that supplies high-end tool and personal protective equipment range and, that is Qualitools.

James is best described as a visionary leader, where he has successfully driven and inspired the company’s ability to create innovative sustainable environmental solutions for various industries.

He has the ability to envision the big picture therefore has been able to usher in new eras of innovation and development.

Winston Warries

Winston Warries

Winston Warries has extensive knowledge and experience in commercial management while having led corporate companies and strategic governance teams.

He has obtained various qualifications such a diploma in mechanical engineering, Masters in Business Administration and is a certified Artisan.

Warries is best described as a transformational leader who directs the teams and the company toward improvement by changing existing thoughts, procedures, and culture.

With more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience, Warries specialises in the commercial management.

His leadership has helped the company expand market share and promote transformation to facilitate the company’s business agility.

Anton van der Merwe

Anton van der Merwe

Anton van der Merwe serves as one of four directors of I-CAT; his skills and experience in heavy industry, mining and environmental management allows him to spearhead the company’s operations in the fire suppression industry.

Anton has extensive experience in the industrial sector delivering sound and feasible solutions to the industry.

Anton’s military background and entrepreneurial experience has defined him as strategic operational leader, he is highly interested in the details, both big-picture and laser-focused.

He has developed and overseen operations and systems that allow the company’s vision and objectives to be achieved.

Lourens jansen van Rensburg

Lourens jansen van Rensburg

Lourens jansen van Rensburg spearheads the dust suppression solutions business unit that assists clients with environmental compliance and legislation.

Lourens’ skills and experience as a consultant and director in carbon projects and environmental management has enabled him to execute projects that have focused the company on growth, performance and operational efficiency.

Lourens’ innate ability to empower teams has made him a leader of developing the company’s perception with various stakeholders by implementing strategies that others may be inspired by.

Lourens’ skills and knowledge have contributed largely to the growth and development of the company.