change that doesn't

cost the earth


I-CAT a Leading Environmental
Management and Products Company

I-CAT is a leading environmental management and products company that supplies dust suppression, fire suppression and planting solutions across various industries.

We conduct multi-disciplinary research and development for innovative, efficient, cost effective and sustainable solutions.

As an OEM, we develop specialized technology and highly effective products for dust and fire suppression systems to mitigate harmful dust emissions and associated fire risks. I-CAT also develops planting solutions that specifically target the rootzone environment for
optimal plant growth and survival.

Our solutions are suitable for numerous applications across various industries such as mining, agriculture, road construction, forestry, petroleum refining, forestry, quarrying, hydroelectric industries, etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner actively with our clients to provide innovative and sustainable environmental solutions to assist clients to comply with legislation, increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize health, safety and environmental risks.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop solutions that mitigate environmental risks and promote sustainability for clients in the various industries. Our honesty, integrity, trust and diligence are a priority and where our stakeholders are proud to be associated with Us.